F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“The Legacy Dancers were the best part of our event. They stole the show!”

Walter W., Event Coordinator 


“Their dancing is beautiful and precise... I admire the dedication, work ethic and artistry of these dancers. It was inspiring, creative, exciting, heart warming.  On top of it all, the show was wonderfully entertaining... Brava!”

​G. Stoner, Legal Analyst & Tap Enthusiast


“I saw the Legacy Dancers show, and it was fabulous... from the dancing to the costumes to the history of tap dancing. I suggest you all run out and see it!”

​Stephany Hitchcock, Jewelry designer


"These lovely and talented dancers will make you smile! The joy they get from their art is infectious."




"As an oral historian my work is about legacy. As a teacher (and dance enthusiast) my passion is about preserving and passing down great traditions. What better combination of these than the Legacy Dancers?"


Lauren T., Oral Historian



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